The Cypher Project
What's new
12/9/2004 - Wrote a C++ example of using "libgcrypt" to encrypt a file.  (Get it)
11/23/2004 - Added writting on PNG steganography (read)
2/23/2003 - SSL encryption added to site
2/20/2003 - Look, it's the same... but not.
10/20/2002 - Grand key system makes it to site (ya!)
10/17/2002 - Added partial artical on creating random number system (read)
   This is Punkroy's site and is primarily dedicated to his primary work known as the Cypher Project.  The Cypher Project is a collection of source code setup to provide an example for using encryption in a verity of applications.  The basic libraries define a model in which algorithms can be implemented and several are already included.  Each area of the project concentrates on how to apply encryption to that area in a secure, yet simple manner.

Most of what is here can be for on the programs page
   The Cypher Project started out as a DOS program, Cypher, written to demonstrate the use of strong encryption on files (back when strong encryption had an export ban in the free contry United States of America).  It was distributed freely on the internet to anyone wishing to download it, in defiance of US export laws regarding the strong encryption algorithms used. 
   Over the years, Cypher grew increasingly more complex.  More options and more cypher-based programs were created.  Initially, Cypher only to used ARC4 and MD5.  Future additions allowed Cypher to use block ciphers in the streaming mode OFB (output feedback).  With blockciphers came some other variants of the Cypher project, such as DataBase encryption.  The project still exists as a hobby, although not too much is done with it now.

What'cha got here?
   The software and writings on these pages are those composed by Punkroy (me!) who is a hobbyist cryptologist.  I am not a profession in this field, nor do I have the math background necessary to fully understand all arias of cryptography.  However, I have read a great deal about this subject-- especially in the arena of implementation.  Found here is not the information necessary for writting and testing algorithms, but methods and practices for using encryption algorithms for different applications.  They may not be perfect, but much of what has been done here was learned from analyzing at several similar implementations.
   All the software on this site emphasis clarity of the idea, which means it is not always the fastest.  This software wasn't intended for the end use it performs (although it does function) but as a template to model similar applications.
   Most of the algorithms were not written in Pascal, Cypher's native code, and were translated by Punkroy.  For easy of understanding, the code was not optimized.  Compiled with Turbo Pascal 7.0, there is no support for 386 instructions (i.e. no 32-bit instruction use).  And for this reason, all the block ciphers are quite slow.  With some work, all the cipher code could be translated into optimized assembly and performance greatly improved.  This has not been done.
   Punkroy collects algorithms, so this list of ciphers is not anywhere new complete.  For more ciphers not currently ported into the cipher project, go to the algorithms page.

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