Who is Punkroy?
  Punkroy started out as a Cypherpunk-- a group of programmers fighting to spread the word of how to use strong encryption techniques to everyone.  This was in site of the US legislation that forbid the act of allowing foreign countries to have US knowledge of "strong encryption".  The law was created with the idea of keeping terrorists from having the knowledge and tools to secretly communicate to one another without the US government able to spy on them.  The law gave a false sense of security with the ignorant believe this would somehow thwart terrorist attempts at maintaining secure communications between one an other and prevent the whole world from having such technology. 

Drawn by Tazz Davies
   The truth is, the world outside the US already had strong encryption technology that was equal to, if not greater than that developed in the US.  I'm fairly certain terrorists wouldn't be stopped by the fact "it was illegal" to use strong encryption to transport sensitive information over US borders.  The bottom line was, this law infringed on free speech.  It made it illegal to share an idea with the rest of the world-- a right clearly protected by the principals laws of our country.
   What they declared "strong encryption" really didn't have to be all that "strong" to be banned.  Any encryption that contained a key over 40-bits of key space was not allowed.  That is, any algorithm that could not be solved in 2^40 tries.  Although 2^40 is 1,099,511,627,776, it's not that big when it comes to computers.  The fact was, well optimised code could crack the weak 40-bit keys in a matter of hours.  This weakened ability to communicate securely meant legitimate but sensitive communications such as international bank transactions, were vulnerable.
   Then in 2000, the US government, under pressure from industry, was forced to admit they were protecting nothing with this export law and it.  The voice of people like people Punkroy portly didn't have much impact next to the voice of high capital corporations.  However, it is nice to think of this law change as a victory for the Cypherpunks and contributors such as Punkroy.
  Strong encryption algorithms themselves were created by some very intelligent people, many of whom working for their own companies.  The government felt these algorithms were a threat as they were often so strong, not even the governments could crack them-- even if they knew every detail about the algorithm.  So the creators, who had likely put in a great deal of time and effort in developing the algorithms, could not sell their algorithms over seas.  In fact, not only could they not sell it-- they couldn't even give it to someone in an other country. 
   To prevent the knowledge for dying, the Cypherpunks formed to fight this law of fear.  Why should knowledge stop because the government can't spy on their own people?  Punkroy began to write software to demonstrate how to use various strong encryption algorithms for different tasks.  He then published his work freely on the internet, ware anyone from any country had access to it.  That act was viewed by the US government similar to illegally exporting arms out of the country.  But this was about free speech, so the stand was more important to Punkroy than the consequences.
   In the end, the laws did change and Punkroy no longer needed to fight.  The work of Punkroy still exists, and is available on this site.

   We're not really concerned about the legality of this site, however, I would like to express that I do have respect for the authors of works included on this site-- mainly the authors of the encryption algorithms.  Credit has been given to authors with their respective companies (if applicable) where works are used.

Content comment:
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