These are program examples created with the Cypher project.  All (but the Cypher, natraly) requier the libarys in Cypher in order to compile.  All example software is 100% free and comes with compleat Pascal source code. 
What is the Cypher Project? Main Page
Cypher base libraries
Current version: 3.0 as of 10-19-2002
   Cypher base units needed for, well, prity much everything else on this page

  Cypher is a command line file encryption utility with a lot of options.  Has a great deal of experimental tools built in.

Encode to BMP (EncBMP)
  Encode to BMP is a steganography program designed to "hide" data inside a BMP image 

Encode to WAV (EncWAV)
  Encode to WAV is a steganography program designed to "hide" data inside a WAV audio file

   A set of object classes for quick database integration.  The binaries are of no practical use.

   A program useful for sensitive, user specific information all stored in a single file accessible by many people.

   Example of using stored hash values for checking passwords

Grand Key System
   System for using a single encryption key protected by a pass phrase for file encryption.  Is/will be included in the all encryption programs on this page.

Text Cipher System
   Text encryption system has no strength cryptographically, but a way to cipher text without changing spacing and/or capitation, numbers and punctionation.

   Actually nothing to do with encryption, but a powerful tool for viewing/editing files in hex.  Useful for checking content of encrypted files.  And in general, a hexeditor is a programmer must-- so it's just good to have around.

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