We have SSL

   Lady's and Gentleman, Cypherpunks and cryptographers-- we have SSL.  It only took the better part of 5 years to finally get this working, but, hey, it's not trivial.  Anyhow, if you are viewing this page, you probably found the SSL link and it's probably encrypted.  Dono?  Check the security settings for this page and find out.

From this point forward, until you leave the site, you're browsing will be encrypted.

    The certificate should be from that's who hosts us.  It's not signed by some stupid root authority, so you will have to except it manually.  Why is our certificate not signed?  'Cuz it costs money to have some jerkoff say "yep, that's him".  Besides, we don't care about authentication, as long as the link between your computer and our server is encrypted.  There is a way to do this without a certificate, but I haven't been able to find out weather or not normal borwers even support this.

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