Cipher Project News
So what's been going on?
2/23/20 - SSL encryption added to site
    Just in time for big brother-- a little piss for his Wheaties.  So, I figured out Apache enough to serve this site using SSL.  We only except "strong encryption" connection-- 'cuz if we didn't, what the hell would be the point?!
2/20/2003 - Look, it's the same... but not. 
    All the pages have been put into templates in the hopes of making changes to this site easier, like anyone reading this gives a shit.  Anyhow, it should be faster to add new pages, 'cuz I do that so often.  An other useless update.  Maybe one day I'll get around to spell checking the site... nah, fuck it.

10/20/2002 - Grand key system makes it to site (ya!)
    What the hell is the grand key system?  Read the fucking page and find out.

10/17/2002 - Added partial article on creating random number system (read)
    This is rant about how to use a stream cipher to generate random data.  It's about as interesting as sitting on the crapper for after eating a pound and a half of fiber.  Don't feel strange if afterwards you can't help but to want to bludgeon things with a cinder block on the chain.  And don't forget to flush you fucking gross bastard!

9/18/2002 - Addition of Text Cipher System
    A handy system to piss off anyone who would have been reading the encrypted text document, but not really good for much else.  It may or may not be strong-- who knows, who cares, no one gives a shit.  Drink beer.
8/26/2002 - Addition of "Password", "Verify"
    Two more examples of using tools only pedophiles and terrorists find usefull-- or so it has been said.  I don't feel like saying anymore about it, 'cuz this Social D. song is starting to annoy me and that slice of two day old pizza is looking tasty.

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