Text Cipher System
   Text Cipher System is a way of coding text files without modifying spacing, capitalation and/or numbering.  The idia is to leave the text unreadable, but still retain formating.  It does not have any strength cryptographicly and is weak in a number of way.  It is published here as a playful way of displaying how this algorithm came to be.
   The TCS algorithm is a special stream cipher that only encrypts text.  All non-text characters are left un-encrypted.  It is designed to work with encrypting only groups of characters such that only each group of characters input and output is only from it's group.  For instance, low case characters are only ciphered to other lower case characters.
   Although the cipher is not strong and has no real cryptographic strength, it's foundation is quite strong.  The bases of the algorithm is ARC4.  The key initilation and random stream generation is no diffrent than that of ARC4.  The TCS sits on top of ARC4 and uses the random stream to rotate groups of characters.  

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