Steganography is the art of hiding data.  It comes from the Greek word steganos, which is "covered", which would be accurate is in that steganography is trying to coverer up something.  However, this is 2nd hand information and Greek isn't one of my known programming languages.  
    When it comes to cryptography, steganography is a way to transfer "sercet" data without anyone knowing the data is present.  Conventional encryption simply aims to stops someone without the key from obtaining the orignal data.  More than likely, if the encrypted data was intercepted durring transfer or found at all, the ones who found it know it is encrypted.
   The idia behind steganography is to store and transfer data without anyone being aware the data is present.  This is done by "hidding" the privliged data in inside some other "harmless" data. 
   Encode to Wave (EncWAV) is a program that encodes data into a wave audio file without making any audibal diffrence.  Working with 16-bit, uncompressed wave fiile data, 4-bits of each sample are taken to store the hidden information.  

NOTE: I wrote this program some time ago and finialy decided to update the site to include it.  I haven't even tested the new build.  If it blows up, I'm not suprised.  You can send me an e-mail if it doesn't work and I might do something about it (like send you a reply that says "Gee, that's too bad"). 

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